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Wine Club

   Reeder Mesa Vineyards’ Wine Club is a great way to sample a cross-section of wines on a quarterly basis. There is no enrollment fee and after your first purchase, all subsequent purchases are 20% off. You may specify a preference for reds, whites, or a mix, and whether you’d like to receive two (6 months), 4 (12 months) or unlimited shipments. To help with shipping costs, you can also specify if you’d like to receive more than 2 bottles at a time. Some folks want to pick up their entire year’s allotment on an annual visit. We can do that, too. Wines are shipped in February, May, August and November.

    For our local “clubbers” you can pick up your wine at the scheduled quarterly Wine Club Pick Up Party date listed in our newsletter, and on our website. Can’t make the party? Please arrange to pick up your wines within 30 days. Use the membership for business gifts, family gifts, celebrations, and for any occasion really. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

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